Customer Support Specialist

Mumbai, Maharashtra
Work Type: Full Time

The Customer Support Associate  is the one assigned by the management to the clients, once they have agreed and close the deal. That is when their work starts. They are the ones who make the client know and learn the product (QuickSell) from inside out. Further, this role will act as a bridge between the Success & the Sales team. The Associate will ensure that the customer is all settled about the product and has everything that he or she needs.

Roles / Responsibilities:


  • Develops Healthy Customer Relationships.
  • Enhances Customer Training.
  • Evaluates and Analyze Customer Needs,
  • Builds Trust and Transparency with Clients.
  • Onboards New Clients.
  • Acts as a Customer Advocate.
  • Encourages Customers to Upgrade their Products.
  • Promotes Customer Loyalty.
  • Reduce churn and retain paid clients.
  • Handle and resolve client solicitations and objections.

    Skill Set Requirements:
  • Highly organized & able to multitask.
  • Self-driven & proactive nature.
  • Excellent communication & interpersonal skills.
  • Strong logical, analytical, and problem-solving and leadership skills.
  • Strong understanding of business & technology.
  • Strong Negotiation & Consultative Abilities.
  • Ability to handle escalations.
  • Ability to understand, articulate & manage customer expectations.
  • Ability to learn new CRM software and Ticketing Systems.
  • Knowledge of customer success processes.
  • Experience in document creation.
  • Patient and active listener.

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